Watlow Controller.  Handles both Temperature and humidity

Button layout

Figure 1 from the manual.  The same hardware is used on both single and dual chamber HatchRites.  This is (obviously) a dual chamber model.

Figure 2 from the manual - doors shown open

Figure 3 from the manual.  Rear view of dual chamber model.  You can see the egg roller motors on the top unit, left side.  The lower unit shows the location of the circulation fan and the two heaters.

Same picture, smaller format.

Figure 4 from the manual

Figure 5 & 6.  I think these came from the HatchRite patent filing.  I have never seen one with three circulation fans.

Patent filing, Figure 7 /8 Egg roller details.

Patent Filing details.  Roller shaft coupler and some Rube Goldberg contraptions to rotate Ratite Eggs.

And late model, single-chamber Hatchrite.